SketchWow vs Canva

We get this question a lot. SketchWow versus Canva? Is SketchWow a Canva alternative? It really depends on your needs. We have many customers who use both. Canva is great and has its use case. The problem with Canva is that it can become overwhelming to create quick designs. 60 million images, 30,000 templates. Hoo-boy. Sooo many choices!

Something to also consider... since Canva has 110 million users, you see these "perfect looking" Canva designs everywhere. The problem is, since attention is difficult to get and retain these days, if your designs look similar or familiar, they can become invisible and get ignored.

Here's an animated visual (all created using SketchWow of course) to illustrate this...

Here at SketchWow, we take a more simplistic approach... so you can create clear, casual visuals without drowning in too many options. Plus, SketchWow visuals really POP using a nifty hand-drawn look that adds personality and pizzaz (not pizzas. We wish!) to your visuals. Plus, we have waaaaay less than 110 million users ;-)

Hand drawn style visuals (and animated visuals like you see above) is where SketchWow really shines. Canva is not specifically designed to create designs with a hand drawn look or sketch effect.

If you like the look of these hand drawn style visuals, then you should give SketchWow a try.

Bonus: You can copy/paste any of your snazzy SketchWow designs right into Canva if you want to. Hope this helps!

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