Presentation Mode

If you wish to present your designs right within SketchWow, it's easy to do! Simply click on the top dropdown menu View --> Presentation. You can move through the pages with a mouse click or using your arrow keys.

Pro Tip: Depending on the size of your document (and the elements used), you might have to click the Fit To Content checkbox as shown below to see what looks best.

Okay... before we let you go, one more Pro Tip. Want to turn a slideshow into an animated GIF file? You can... by simply exporting all your sides as PNG files. Then use a handy GIF creator like Ezgif to "stitch" all the files together. If you are interested, this video walks you through the process:

Note: That video starts at 3 mins 45 seconds where it walks through setting up your slides and the export process. Feel free to watch the entire video if you like. :-)

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